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Straightening and Grinding of Monel 400

Monel 400

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Monel 400

As a leader in precision grinding and polishing of exotic metals and alloys, our team at Industrial Grinders & Machining can adhere to a wide range of recognized quality control standards. In this project, and local customer at a nuclear facility requested work on Monel 400 bar stock, a Nickel-Copper alloy that is resistant to sea water and steam at very high temperatures.

We were required to be audited and approved by the customer's own quality control system, including adherence to all nuclear safety codes such as 10CFR Part 21. The Monel 400 bar originally started with a diameter of .750" and length of 144". After a series of straightening, grinding, and polishing operations, our team achieved a surface reduction to .563/.565" diameter with a 32 RMS finish. Each part underwent comprehensive inspections to ensure adherence to specifications, we also ensured that all Monel 400 parts were 100% traceable as per their request.

Our project working with Monel 400 bar highlights our commitment to precision grinding and polishing services. Our customer was extremely pleased that we went above and beyond their requests, making us a choice supplier for future projects. To learn more about our grinding operations using exotic alloys such as Monel 400, please refer to the table below or contact us for more information.

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Straightening and Grinding of Monel 400 Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Part Dimensions - Starting Size
Ø 0 .750" x 144"
Part Dimensions - Finish Size
Ø 0 .563/0.565" x 144"
Material Used
Monel 400
Material Finish
32 RMS or Better
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection

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