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Straightening and Grinding of Nickel Alloy 625 for the Nuclear Industry

Nickel Alloy 625

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Nickel Alloy 625

At Industrial Grinders & Machining, our team understands the importance of precision straightening and grinding operations. This is especially true for the Nuclear industry, where we were called upon to work on Nickel Alloy 625 bar stock manufactured to the customer's exact standards and nuclear safety guidelines.

Our customer required our facility to be audited and approved based on their own quality control procedures using 10CFR Part 21 nuclear safety standards. Consistency was extremely important, and all parts were to be made to stringent customer specifications. We started with 1.2510"/ 1.2545" diameter bar with a length of 137". Once we performed straightening, grinding, and polishing, we finished with a 1.247"/1.253" diameter by 72" (+ 12") long bar and 32 RMS finish. All parts underwent customer-compliant inspection, as well as our own dimensional and visual inspection procedures. Each part was made with consistency and quality in mind while also being 100% traceable (per the customer's request).

Thanks to our team's expertise in precision grinding, strict adherence to quality control standards, and commendable customer support, we were able to produce these products over a 1-3 day period. Moving forward, we've established a relationship with the customer producing small and large volume orders using Nickel Alloy 625, and continue to work with them on additional projects. To learn more about our grinding operations for the Nuclear Industry, please contact us or refer to the table below.

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Straightening and Grinding of Nickel Alloy 625 Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Bar stock
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Part Dimensions - Starting Size
Ø 1.251/1.2545" x 137"
Part Dimensions – Finish Size
Ø1.247/1.253" x 72" (± 12")
Material Used
Nickel Alloy 625
Material Finish
32 RMS
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
It varies, small lots, to large volume.
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1-3 days
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, CAD Drawings

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